Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Musical Set Design Collaboration

Musical Set Design Collaboration

This year I took part in helping out with the set design for the spring musical, Joseph and the Technicoloured Dream Coat. I and 3 of my art students spent many hours after school working on a HUGE Sphinx head. It was a challenging piece as all 4 of us had next to no experience in creating a relief sculpture of this scale. We spent hours creating, researching and experimenting with different materials to come up with the best way to create the Sphinx’s’ features. Although creating the Sphinx was sometimes grueling, challenging, and frustrating, etc, I am eager to take on next year’s set design project as i did enjoy myself and learned a lot. 

Below is a short CAPIES review:
Alina Abramovich, critic, Glebe Collegiate Institute: Especially notable was the construction done by Liam Vienotte, Leslie Savard and Melissa Henderson on the extremely detailed giant sphinx head that served as the Pharaoh’s palace and fantastic backdrop to the Egyptian song numbers.

  • plaster cast
  • newspaper
  • masking tape
  • card board boxes (for the paws)
  • Gesso
  • blue water based house paint
  • Egyptian gold water based house paint

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