Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vance Kirkland Splatter Paintings

Vance Kirkland Dot Painting

This was I think by far one of the most fun and favorite projects of the year. I gave my students a PPP on Vance Kirkland's work and techniques. They began by choosing a Harmonious Colour Scheme .
Then they began by painting their entire canvas with one key colour.    Once the canvas was dry they splattered watered down acrylic paint from baby jars. (Splatter booths were made in order to keep things tame and to keep the area clean.) The colours they used to splatter must be from the colour scheme they chose. The next step: The splatters acted as a map to help guide them in their dotted design. They began creating dotted patterns using wooden dowels.

Vero S


Olivia S-R

Emily Evens

Kurtis D

Carolanne Grant

Kiana S


Molly H

Samantha P


Stacey D

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