Saturday, March 01, 2014

Metamorphosis- Object to Animal

 Metamorphosis- Object to Animal
Holly B
I had been wanting to do this project since my practicum over 3 years ago, but I didn't really understand how to teach it. I recently and finally found this lesson by Tamara Allison.
It's an excellent lesson. It is broken down really well into instruction. I found that the easiest way to teach it is to display a number of objects and have students come up with animals that they can think of that have similar form as the objects being viewed.
Once they have chosen both their object and animal then they can decide if they need to draw 4 or 5 stages. I reminded them that the stages in between have to look similar to each other as they transition. Stage 2 should look more like stage 1, stage 3 should look more like stage 4 and stage 3 and 4 should look similar.
it helps to add shading and details that belong to each item as they transition from one stage to the next.
I think this is one of my new favorite projects. My students really impressed me. Some, I didn't know had such talent in pencil drawing.

Tyler R
Sarah K
Kaitlin W
Oliver N
Chris H
Tristan M
Emma T

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  1. The link is a private account :( I cannot access it and would love to see how she presents it to students : (

  2. Hi Suzanne. I went back to try to open her link, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. What I did with me student was talked about the transition of textures from one area to another. Such as on animals, retiles etc. Also I presented a number of different images of objects (such as house hold) and asked them to brain storm what animals would best morph from these shapes. I asked them to stay away from parts of animals (such as heads, eyes etc), choose only whole objects and animals. Their creations really took off after the brainstorming. Also once you do it a couple times you'll have examples for them to refer to, good and bad. I find this helps a lot. I hope this helps. Thanks for viewing my blog. Much appreciated.