Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween Fun

This year I really wanted to have fun with decorating for Halloween. I had already decorated the display case and lead the Halloween dance but it wasn't enough.
When I was in elementary school I remember coming off the bus after school to the sight of a huge pumpkin sitting beside my front steps. It was E.T.!!!!! While we were at school my mother took the liberty to carve E.T. and surprise us for when we got off the bus. I remember being so excited and thrilled. Ever since then I have always wanted to carve one of my own for my students. Instead of carving all the shapes out of the pumpkin I just carved the surface of it and I had so much fun. It's not very often I get a chance to do my own art, this was close enough.

Below are some images of another pumpkin, a much larger pumpkin that I carved in the same night. I got both ideas off the Internet. I believe the larger more abstract design was off of Martha Stewart's web page. You'll also see in the images below that I created a display in our front lobby using bails of hay.The reaction was wondering from staff and students. I am glad I could be a part of the Halloween spirit.


This was my first year in a very long time since I had dressed up for Halloween. It ended up being a lot of fun and I look forward to dressing up again next year.  I never thought I would say that. Dressing up is usually not my thing, but I guess things change when you work with kids. They enjoy it so much!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gustav Klimt Golden Pattern

Gustav Klimt Gold Patterns
Gustav Klimt
Alana Hennessey
My most proudest assignmet thus far. The results are stunning. My students seemed to really enjoy this project. It was simple enough for all skill levels to enjoy and be successful with. I got the original lesson from: A Faithful Attempt, 

Sam Place

    Students were asked to design patterns for the clothing and patterns for the background. One pattern needed to be quite dense (thick) and complex, while the other could be simpler; to create contrast.
Jordan Duprey


Britty G


Audrey D

Molly Henderson


Katelynn M

Amanda L

Vero S

Kurtis Dulton



Katelyn C-M

Art History Google Logos

Art History Google Logos
    Tony Hristea - salvador dali

    The objective of this assignment is to create a Google logo using the style of a well-known artist. (List provided by teacher.) The Google logo MUST be manipulated and incorporated into the design. I got the original lesson from Art of Apex High School's blogspot. (http://apexhsart.blogspot.ca/search/label/art%20history )
    I am so impressed with the results the students really blew me away with their designs. the on ly challenge was to ge them to contually refer to an image from their chosen artist.
    Saskia Van Walsum
    Melissa Henderson- Tim Burton
    Van Gogh
    Nick M- Banksy
    Kevin Duprey- Keith Haring

    Emily Carr
    Madison M
    Katherine Cahoon- Tom Thompson - Group of Seven
    Marie-Jodess B
    Courtney S
    Grace E- Street Art
    salvador dali
    salvador dali
    Monika D- Keith Haring
    Rebecca B
    Nico B- Paul Klee