Monday, March 30, 2015

Zentagled Masters

Zentangled Masters
I love this project. The pervious years I did a project similar to this but I had students pick their own theme to create their own Zentangle. This year I thought I would do it a bit different. I found this lesson on "artroom104" BlogSpot.
I found my way was quite creative but I found it would take longer to complete and I don't get to see my students vey often so I am glad I went with a concept that doesn't take as long and still as effective.
 Kirkland - Peter Max
 M.C. Escher - Myriam
 Keith Haring- Dylan 
Van Gogh - Hannah 
 Gustav Klimt - Holly
 Monet- Jeyanna
 Van Gogh- Sarah
 Peter Max- Phoenix 
 Rex Ray - Alexia
 Keith Haring- Nikya
 Norval M - Alanna 
 Artist unknown - Morgan
Nouveau - Chris H
Rex Ray - Emma 
 Artist unknown - Heidi
 Norval - Marissa
Norval - Kasey
 Artist unknown - Quinn
 Keith Haring - Oliver 
 Norval - ?
 Norval - Ben
 Norval- Sarah B
 Artist unknown - Nataly
 Banksy - Tyler
Banksy - Nicole

Ceramic Totems

Ceramic Totems
This lesson was inspired by many different sculptures I've seen on Pinterest.
I down sized from last years totems. I found them to tall. It took students to long to complete them and it created too many pieces giving me more work with regards to placing them into the kiln.
Each student made approximately 7-10 pieces to be stacked on top of one another. They were asked to vary the sizes of each piece. Balance and Unity were the main principles of design that we looked at. I asked them to make a totem with a theme that is recognizable throughout but mainly abstract in form.     
Any suggestions on how to make this project even better I be greatful to hear.  Thank you.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Collage and Mixed Media

Feb 28th 2015 I went to an art workshop with my mother ad my aunt. It as called Collage and mixed media with Holly Dean at Heather's Studio in Smiths Falls, ON. It was such a great workshop. I am so glad I went. I really needed that extra push and motivation to create. I felt like I was stuck, like writers block almost. Holly gave so many great tips. I usually begin with acrylic paint on canvas but I felt I wasn't getting enough layers. I would use colours I love and then I would be afraid to continue because I didn't want to wreck it, plus it usually looked nice the way it was so it was hard to keep going. But Holly suggested using collage at first and than painting over it so that's what I did. I am very glad that I chose this method. It really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries.
Below is the transition I went through to create my piece. Hope you enjoy. many more to come. Muah!


                                    front                                                   back

I found this lesson in a book on how to do creative things with canvas. I used inks for the colour. The white is watered down acrylic paint. I didn't realize in applying it that the paint would appear transparent the way it has. This discovery was exciting.
My next project will be to create a mixed media piece using un-gessoed canvas.
I will be doing this project with a group of students. I really look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Extra Art - Term 1 & 2 Sketch Book Prompts (2015)


 Three different views

 Four different drawing methods
 Line drawing
 Value drawing methods
 zentangle with magazine
 visual pun/idiom
 sugar skull
 "face off" inspired design
 create your own space