Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sketch Book Prompts

New Sketch Book Prompts:
-For all sketch book entries, please include details, and shading. Try
switching it up by using colour, different methods of value- such as
cross hatching, or stippling.

-All Zen Doodle MUST be done in PEN.

**Due at the beginning of every week.

1. Turn a piece of furniture into a monster.

2. Cover the entire page in Zen doodle using pen.

3. Look up the skeletal anatomy of a body part and draw it.

4. Draw a portrait of a friend or family member.

5. Stack your name and create a theme in which it is placed in.

6. Draw an object from 3 different angles.

7. Draw a metallic object and everything you see in it.

8. Cut out a piece of postcard or magize and paste it anywhere on your page, then fill the rest of the page with a made up environment.

9. Draw an object in three different views- birds, normal and bugs eye view.

10. Illustrate your favourite quote.

11. Find an image of a large flower and draw it black and white and in colour. Include all the details, light source and shading.

12. Transform an object from a realistic view to a cubist view.

13. Choose one of the "Elements of Design" and create a Zen doodle associated with that element.

14. Choose one of the "Principles of Design" and create a Zen doodle associated with that principle.

15. Transform an object from its original into an animal.

16. Give an animal mechanical body parts.

17. Create a hybrid animal using three different body parts from three different animals.

18. Find an image of a person, remove half their face, glue the remaining half in your sketchbook and redraw the half you removed.

19. Cut a postcard or magazine, paste it in your sketch book, fill the page with a made up environment around the image.

20. Create a zen doodle around a magazine image.

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