Thursday, January 23, 2014

Themed Zen Doodles

Themed Zen Doodles
Alana H
This is one of my favorite projects of the year. I am very impressed with this years designs.
Students had to choose a theme and find images on the internet associated with their theme. Students were given the choice to do a transfer of the images or draw them free hand. Then students were to fill up the background using different patterns and designs, using different gradations of value.
Also, one of the requirements was to create a negative space. The negative space had to be  reflect the theme, such as a silhouette of a character.
Check out last years Zen Tangles for more info and ideas.
Audrey Dudley

Amanda L


Tara R

Silvia B


Molly H


Samantha P

Kiana S

Audrey D

Stacy D

Jordan D



Tyler G

Brit G


Samantha S

Angel B
Mason V
Emma T
Brit M
Sam Place
Katelyn M
Nilan M
Sabrina W


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