Saturday, March 01, 2014

Extra Art- Found Object Paintings

Extra Art- Found Object Paintings

Carolanne G's "Poppy inspired plastic storage bin"
When I was in high school my Art teacher gave us the project of finding a non-traditional painting surface. An object that would normally not be painted on unlike a piece of wood or canvas. I had my Extra art students find objects at home or at second hand stores that could be painted on.  Then they were to find an image to replicate onto it's surface. First we primed all he surfaces before painting with acrylics.
Brittany G's "Galaxy Door" and Samantha Healey's "Monster Arm Chair".  

Katrine M's "Peacock Serving Tray"

Olivia S's "Floral Treasure Chest"

Molly H's "Pattern inspired Continent Lamp Shade"

Angel B's "Flaming Skull Dirt Bike Gas Tank"

Han P's "Sunflower Glass Dish"

Brit M's "Farm inspired Piggy Bank"

Silvia B's "Under The Sea inspired Fish Bowl"

Kianna S's "Old Fashioned Car inspired Cupboard Door."

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