Saturday, March 01, 2014

Vance Kirkland Dot/ Splatter Painting

Vance Kirkland Dot/ Splatter Painting
 This is my second year doing this project and I'm excited that every year when I re-teach an old project that I get better at it and therefore the results get even better to. 
  1. I gave my students a PPP on Vance Kirkland's work and techniques.
  2. They began by choosing a Harmonious Colour Scheme .
    1. -MONOCHROMATIC                   
    3. -ANALOGUS
    4. -TRIAD
    6. -TETRAD
  3. Then they began by painting their entire canvas with one key colour.
  4. NOTE*** All colours must be originally mixed by each student. they are not to use the colours directly from the paint containers.     
  5. Once the canvas was dry they splattered watered down acrylic paint from baby jars. (Splatter booths were made in order to keep things tame and to keep the area clean.) The colours they used to splatter must be from the colour scheme they chose.
  6. The next step: The splatters act as a map to help guide them in their dotted design. They began creating dotted patterns using wooden dowels.  
  7. They must refrain from creating their own pattern and they have the option of keeping their new dotted path ways thin or thick depending a=on the splatters that have already been created.



  1. Beautiful paintings! I am very amazed to see this wonderful Aboriginal Art work. It must be very difficult! Isn’t that true? I think it is very hard to design such difficult patterns. Hats off to you dear!!

  2. Hi ricardokeith. I actually never thought of it as being Aboriginal in form, you're right. I actually referred to the art work of Vance Kirkland and Jackson Pollock. It's actually quite simple. I just asked the students to create splatters on a canvas referring to a colour scheme of their choice than make dots using a piece of small dowel to create a path around the splatters. I referred to the splatters as a map. They seem to enjoy this project a lot. Thanks for your interest and kind words.