Saturday, May 16, 2015

Elements Ceramic Masks

Elements Ceramic Masks
I couldn't be more proud of this project. I had wanted to do masks for so long but wasn't sure of the concept. I had search online for years trying to find examples of student works but wasn't very successful. Either the result looked to easy or to complex.  I decided I would do half masks to cut down on time. I found a template online and photocopied it for students to create their designs but I still needed a concept. After a discussion with a colleague we came up with the idea to use the ELEMENTS: wind, water, fire and earth. Thanks to Kelly, I couldn't be happier. It was the best concept to go with. I wanted something that would be creative and not restrictive. A cultural mask would have been great to but I felt that my students have not had enough exposure to cultural masks to be able to relate to the concept. With the ELEMENTS students were able to visualize symbols and designs that would represent their chosen element. In addition to the element student could choose to include the zodiac sign that goes along with that element. They were also required to include 2 of the 3 reliefs: sunken relief, low relief and high relief.
Overall I couldn't be more proud of this project. Especially because it is one of very few projects where I have come up with the concept on my own, with a bit of help of course, thanks again Kelly. I look forward to doing this project again.



Chris H

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