Monday, March 30, 2015

Zentagled Masters

Zentangled Masters
I love this project. The pervious years I did a project similar to this but I had students pick their own theme to create their own Zentangle. This year I thought I would do it a bit different. I found this lesson on "artroom104" BlogSpot.
I found my way was quite creative but I found it would take longer to complete and I don't get to see my students vey often so I am glad I went with a concept that doesn't take as long and still as effective.
 Kirkland - Peter Max
 M.C. Escher - Myriam
 Keith Haring- Dylan 
Van Gogh - Hannah 
 Gustav Klimt - Holly
 Monet- Jeyanna
 Van Gogh- Sarah
 Peter Max- Phoenix 
 Rex Ray - Alexia
 Keith Haring- Nikya
 Norval M - Alanna 
 Artist unknown - Morgan
Nouveau - Chris H
Rex Ray - Emma 
 Artist unknown - Heidi
 Norval - Marissa
Norval - Kasey
 Artist unknown - Quinn
 Keith Haring - Oliver 
 Norval - ?
 Norval - Ben
 Norval- Sarah B
 Artist unknown - Nataly
 Banksy - Tyler
Banksy - Nicole

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