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Anti Bullying Week

CBC Connect with Mark Kelley
Pink T-Shirt Day
Feb 29th 2012
My interview with Mark Kelley, Feb 29 2012.

 A Moment of Truth.
A Moment of Vulnerability.
A Moment of Risk.
A Moment of Courage and Strength.
A Moment of Doubt.
The Moment of Change.
This could have been quite possibly one of the hardest weeks (emotionally) I experienced this year, but at the same time it was one of the most powerful, enlightening, courageous, and moving weeks I have ever experienced so far in my teaching career.
Early in the fall I had approached my principal about wanting to host a Pink T-shirt day in our school. To my surprise he had already been planning to have an anti-bullying committee organized and run by teachers and support staff. This committee was made up of staff and teachers where we would collaborate and brain storm ideas in making our juniour high and high school a safer place to attend.
My effort in running Pink T-shirt day stemmed from a university paper I had to write for one of my classes. During my research I stumbled upon the Pink T-shirt day website where I became very enlightened and eager to run such a program in my future school. 
However, I never thought for a second that my efforts and that of principals would be recognized world-wide. When Mr. K announced that Mark Kelley with CBC Connect would be coming to our school I knew right then that there was no escaping the cameras for me. I knew that Mr. Kelley would be interested in speaking with me for two reasons; first was for the fact that I had previous experience with being bullied and second was because of my involvement with bringing Pink T-shirt day to our school. Although very anxious about this experience I am very glad I took part.
I truly believe that this whole experience has really changed the dynamics of our school. It has certainly changed the way my students perceive and treat me in the classroom. I hope that students become more self-aware of their actions and the consequences they have on others after seeing their fellow peers and teachers speak out about bullying. I will forever cherish this experience and I thank Mr. Kelley and his crew for doing their part in stopping BULLYING in schools.  For, UNITED WE LIVE.
The Bully Booth
At the beginning of the week before I had my interview with Mark Kelley I took the oppurtunity to speak in the BULLY BOOTH. The booth was set up in the front foyer for the whole week. At the beginning students were apprehensive in speaking in the booth, but by the end of the week it became a very popular spot in the school. I am very glad that I and many others took the oppurtunity to speak up about bullying. It's about time for change to occur.   

The moment these students shocked the nation.
Mark Kelley had previously asked who had been bullied before as they raised their hands, later he asked who here has been the bully, and almost all the same students had raised their hands. I think this was the moment our students changed for the better. As one student described it’s like getting your power back, feeling empowered, but for us it is now in a different context.
There was one student that I was so impressed at how well-spoken she was speaking up about the importance Pink T-shirt day is.
“I think it’s a great way to get students to open their hearts and their eyes as well. We talk about bullying all of the time , but this is a time to really think and reflect on it, open up our own story about it and really think that this has a big impact on us whether we know it or not.” Princessessa

The experiences and moments shared this week will forever be in our hearts. For United We Live.

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