Saturday, July 21, 2012

Messenger Board

I set up the messenger board at the beginning of the year for students to leave their names in cases where I was unable to get to them during class time to help them with their art work. Having students’ names on the board is a great indication to me as to who needs my assistance. This way I am able to address their needs at the beginning of the following class. Students didn’t always remember to do this, but I hope to make this a habit for years to come. Generally there should be no more than two students per class, as I feel that I do a pretty good job at circulating the classroom to address questions etc. It was challenging finding a name that would meaningful and catchy. I took the word most commonly used in social media. I knew that my students would be familar with this term and because of that they might be more likely to use it. It is important that my students know that their learning and success is important to me. Therefore I want to ensure that each class I am able to assist them in any way I can, effectively and efficiently.   

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