Saturday, July 21, 2012

"I say VOICES, you say SHHHHH!"

This saying quite possibly saved my career. As you must know, the art room can be quite chaotic with regards to the noise level and students being deeply involved in their work. I have always known that I needed to find a really good and unique tactic in getting my students attention when I need to deliver instruction or announce clean up time and closure. This bay far has been the best one I have found yet. At first the older students were apprehensive to my use of such a tactic, but I knew in my gut that it would work and be very successful in getting students attention. I just needed to stick with it and to never give up. All it took was persistance and constancy. I took it serious so they took it serious. I haven’t looked back; it has been great! It works so well in my classroom. Whenever I need their attention I am often able to get quietness as soon as I say the work ‘voices’. I make sure to never over use its use within one class period because if I did the reaction and attention from students wouldn’t be as well received and or be as effective as it is. 

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