Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art History Google Logos

Art History Google Logos
    Tony Hristea - salvador dali

    The objective of this assignment is to create a Google logo using the style of a well-known artist. (List provided by teacher.) The Google logo MUST be manipulated and incorporated into the design. I got the original lesson from Art of Apex High School's blogspot. ( )
    I am so impressed with the results the students really blew me away with their designs. the on ly challenge was to ge them to contually refer to an image from their chosen artist.
    Saskia Van Walsum
    Melissa Henderson- Tim Burton
    Van Gogh
    Nick M- Banksy
    Kevin Duprey- Keith Haring

    Emily Carr
    Madison M
    Katherine Cahoon- Tom Thompson - Group of Seven
    Marie-Jodess B
    Courtney S
    Grace E- Street Art
    salvador dali
    salvador dali
    Monika D- Keith Haring
    Rebecca B
    Nico B- Paul Klee


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