Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zen Tangles with Theme

Negative Space & Zen Tangles 

My original ZenTangle. Dog Theme. Used as an example in class.

This by far was one of my most Favorite projects thus far. It was really exciting to see the process and the challenges students faced and overcame every class. Some of the ideas are just brilliant. I allowed students to copy and trace from images they had chosen and then of course add their own touch by adding patterns and designs in the background.
I got the original lesson from:

Some of the changes I made to the lesson were to have students choose specific themes to their Zen tangles. The theme would also be incorporated into the background patterns and designs.

Melissa Henderson
Tony Hristea
Rebecca B
Michael Arruda
Saskia Van-Walsum

Courtney Staus
Katherine Cahoon
Kirsten L


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