Saturday, March 07, 2015

Collage and Mixed Media

Feb 28th 2015 I went to an art workshop with my mother ad my aunt. It as called Collage and mixed media with Holly Dean at Heather's Studio in Smiths Falls, ON. It was such a great workshop. I am so glad I went. I really needed that extra push and motivation to create. I felt like I was stuck, like writers block almost. Holly gave so many great tips. I usually begin with acrylic paint on canvas but I felt I wasn't getting enough layers. I would use colours I love and then I would be afraid to continue because I didn't want to wreck it, plus it usually looked nice the way it was so it was hard to keep going. But Holly suggested using collage at first and than painting over it so that's what I did. I am very glad that I chose this method. It really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries.
Below is the transition I went through to create my piece. Hope you enjoy. many more to come. Muah!

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